Our next sale will be SEPTEMBER 14, 2019!


Seller Requirements

  • All horses are REQUIRED to have negative Coggins within 12 months and veterinary certificate within 30 days of sale date. Bring this paperwork with you to check in.

  • Be sure proof of ownership or brand inspection is in order so there are no difficulties when you check them in.

  • All horses must be checked in by 11 AM on sale day.

  • Each Consignor is limited to 6 (SIX) horses each.


  • $110 for one horse, $85/horse if consigning 2-3 horses, $60/horse if consigning 4- 6 horses. THIS FEE IS DUE UPON ACCEPTANCE OF CONSIGNMENT AND IS NON-REFUNDABLE.

  • 8% commission, $6 brand inspection, $4 veterinary charge

  • $100 “no-sale” fee

  • Once consigned, a horse MUST go through the sale ring with the exception of a medical emergency- in such case a veterinary statement is required- or you may be assessed a fine of not less than $350, in addition to the no sale fee. $100 no sale fee does apply to ALL outs.

Additional seller information

  • Our focus is on hosting a quality performance horse sale with a wide variety of buyers. Quantity and type of horses will be limited for each sale at the discretion of sale management. Selections will be made by sale management in the best interest of both consignors and buyers.

  • Sale management will carefully consider each submission and will notify consignors of acceptance within 7 days of consignment submission. Horses are not considered consigned until you receive an email confirming your consignment and consignment fees have been paid.

  • Horse Creek Sale Company LLC reserves the right to reject any horse that in the sole judgment of Sale Management does not fit our standards. HCSC reserves the right to turn away consignors or buyers for any reason at the discretion of sale management.

  • No catalog substitutions allowed.

  • Any kind of animal abuse will not be tolerated. You may be asked to leave the fairgrounds, and will be turned into appropriate authorities.

  • Should you decide to “passout” or “no sale” the horse, the final bid must be declined before a horse leaves the sale ring. Brand, health and registration papers will be released on consignments not sold only after all fees are paid. If after you "no sale" your horse and an interested party approaches you, we encourage you to engage in negotiations to sell your horse! All no sales, sold in alley day of sale must be taken to sales office for proper paper work, brand clearance, and payment of commission, not different than if sold in the ring. Any seller caught “back alley trading” without going through the office for the before mentioned payment and paperwork, may be banned from further sales and assessed a fine of not less than $350, in addition to a $100 no sale fee.

  • All horses in the sale are allotted a stall. Stalls are assigned and assignments will be emailed to you prior to the sale. One bag of shavings will be provided in each stall. Additional bags of shavings will be available for purchase, or you are welcome to bring your own.

  • The seller is responsible for the care of the animal until the auctioneer says “sold” when ownership transfers to the buyer- this includes but it not limited to overall well being, security, feed, and water. Horse Creek Sale Co does not provide feed or water buckets- please come prepared. Horse Creek Sale Company LLC and its agents are not responsible for death or harm incurred to human or animal or property in connection with the sale at any time.

  • You do not need to leave a halter for the new owner, HCSC will provide buyers with a halter for each horse. Shavings may be purchased through HCSC and charged to your sellers account. More information regarding this will be sent to consignors prior to the sale.

  • UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will any horse be allowed in the sale without proof of a negative Coggins test in hand. YOU MUST HAVE A NEGATIVE COGGINS AT CHECK IN. If you do not, the horse will NOT be allowed back in the barn and it will need to be taken to your trailer and removed off fairgrounds property IMMEDIATELY. THERE WILL BE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS POLICY!!

  • Most sales will feature a roping preview, weather and arena conditions permitting. We do encourage submission of video however in the event of inclement weather.

  • Consignor checks will be mailed within 10 business days of the sale. Horse Creek Sale Company makes no guarantees but acts as an agent only between the buyer and the consignor. However, in the event a buyer brings a soundness guarantee dispute to our attention within 72 hours of the sale, Horse Creek Sale Company reserves the right to hold the consignor’s check in its trust account on behalf of both Seller and Buyer. Upon further investigation of said claim, Horse Creek Sale Company reserves the right to turn funds over to the court in the event legal action is pursued by the buyer, or to send funds to the consignor.

By clicking this button you agree to all seller requirements and fees and further acknowledge you are entering into a formal and binding contract to market and sell your horse through Horse Creek Sale Company.