Consign saddles

  • Saddles do not need to be pre-consigned
  • Saddles are accepted until 11am on sale day and sell at noon. However, we do recommend that you bring your saddle between 8-9am so bidders have a chance to view it. 
  • Commission on saddles is 15%
  • If you want to put a reserve on a saddle (a no-sale price under which the saddle will not be sold), please indicate so clearly at the time you consign it. The lowest price you will accept for a saddle should be marked on the tag. There is a $10 no sale fee.
  • It is recommended that you pre-consign the better quality brand name saddles so we may advertise them on the website and Facebook page to bring in interested bidders. Please email maker, size and a photo. 
  • Only saddles (no other tack) will be taken on consignment from the public unless pre-approved by John.

Other equine related items

  • We may accept equine related items which do not fall into the "saddle" category, such as trailers or very high end, collectible bits and spurs. These items must be pre-consigned. 
  • Please email us with more information or call John Hayes 970-345-2543 for consideration of these items.