First name of legal owner of the horse- in whose name is the brand inspection? That is the legal owner according to the state of Colorado.
Last Name of legal owner. If owned by a company or entity, put that name here.
IF someone other than the Owner will be bringing and representing the horse at the sale. If the owner will be bringing the horse, leave blank.
PHYSICAL ADDRESS - House number, street/road
PO Box, if applicable
Mobile Phone *
Mobile Phone
If this horse is registered, put REGISTERED name, NOT barn name here.
If registered put Date Of Birth as shown on registration papers. If grade put age in years.
Gender *
Help us help you. Take a minute to write a short description about your horse. What disciplines can it do, has it won any money, what is it's demeanor, etc. 647 character limit
Preview *
Do you intend to participate with this horse in the Preview at 9:30am? Do not check this field if you will be showing your horse in the warm up arena. This is for showing in the big rodeo arena only.
Sale management will carefully consider each submission and will notify consignors of acceptance within 7 days of consignment submission. Consignment fee will be due upon notice of acceptance.

AGAIN, BY SUBMITTING THIS CONSIGNMENT YOU AGREE TO ALL SELLER REQUIREMENTS AND FEES AND FURTHER ACKNOWLEDGE YOU ARE ENTERING INTO A FORMAL AND BINDING CONTRACT TO MARKET AND SELL YOUR HORSE THROUGH HORSE CREEK SALE COMPANY. ONCE ACCEPTED, a horse MUST go through the sale ring with the exception of a medical emergency- in such case a veterinary statement is required- or you may be assessed a fine of not less than $350, in addition to the no sale fee.