Quality photographs and video are important so we can help you market your horse properly! 

Remember, this is the first impression most buyers will have of your horse - make it a good one! We will not use blurry, pixelated, messy or poorly set up photos.

  • Use a quality camera and make sure the image is focused! If you're using a smart phone, tap the screen to focus the shot on the horse.

  • Check your surroundings and background and stand the horse on level ground. Uncluttered background is the best. And, think about color- you want the horse to stand out. If the horse is light colored, use a dark background. If it is dark colored, use a light background.

  • Groom your horse! Take a minute to get the mud off, comb out the mane and tail. Groom any horse like it is going into a halter class.

  • Consider the time of day and the lighting. Mid-day light is very harsh and is not as flattering as morning or afternoon when the light is softer. That being said however, also consider shadows. Have the light to the photographer's back and on the horse. Do not photograph with the light in back of the horse thereby casting shadows and hiding conformation.

  • Have your rider dress appropriately - if they're wearing pajamas and tennis shoes it's not doing anyone any favors.

  • Show the horse in the "open stance" where the two legs closest to the camera are more open than the two on the far side. Let the potential buyer see a view of all four legs.

  • Videos need not be longer than 2-3 minutes. Please do not include music or voice over, it will be muted.

  • Good lighting is as important in videos as it is in photos (read above and use the same tips!)

  • Be patient and plan ahead! Have a helper and take your time.

Now that you have good photos and video, send them to us! 

If you do not receive a reply email stating we received your video or photo, the file is likely too large and will need to be sent another way. You will receive a reply if the video/photo has been received.

Alternatively, you may upload your video to Google Drive, Dropbox, YouTube, Vimeo or similar (free!) service and email us the link. Please DO NOT send videos via iCloud- we cannot download them.

Google Drive and Dropbox are also great ways to upload and share the link for your photographs!